Just Another DIY Project

I was out in the pasture checking on the horses when I passed by this gem hanging out in the wood pile.  Now, this tree trunk just didn’t appear one day on the farm.  I was very much present and even helped my husband cut down the tree and put this very stump on the burn pile, but didn’t think anything else about it until I was out checking the pasture one day and passed the burn pile when I noticed the stump.  A light bulb went off and I thought this tree trunk would be perfect for two tree stump tables/stools.

tree stump 5

I asked the hubby to cut in half and to trim the stubs down. Since this is a cedar log,  I then proceeded to strip off the bark with my hands.  The rough cuts are from the hubby’s chainsaw. Some of the cuts were really rough and deep.  A little more about that when we get to sanding.

tree stump

I used a random orbit sander and went through lots and lots of sanding pads…remember all those rough and deep chainsaw cuts from above.  It took a lot of sanding to smooth out some of those cuts. The sander uses hook & loop concept (think Velcro) to adhere the sandpaper to the sander.  You must line the holes up and when changing out the sandpaper, gently pry the sand paper away from the backer pad that has the ‘hooks’.  If you pry too fast, you can pull the hooks off the backer pad and let me just tell you from experience, it all goes downhill from that point and you have to replace the backer pad. I tried gluing the hooks pad back on the sander and that didn’t work out.  Don’t forget to dump the sawdust bag and I highly recommend using a face mask because very fine sawdust gets EVERYWHERE!

tree stump 2

Sand as much or as little as you like.  I went with really smooth edges so I sanded a lot.

tree stump 3

I was having a hard time choosing between outdoor wood sealer or poly.  I ended up going with the outdoor wood sealer mainly because I haven’t used it very much and wanted to see what is was like. I will probably try the poly next time only because I think I like the glossy look better.

tree stump 1

And viola! The finished product.

tree stump 7

You can even see the burn pile in the top left corner of the picture.

tree stump 6


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