It’s a Jungle Out There

The house and the property had been neglected for years.  The overgrowth was unbelievable. Virginia creeper, poison ivy, briers, and other plants that have come to be the bane of my existence had taken over. We had poison ivy vines that were literally four inches in diameter.  Oh and as a side note, I’m highly allergic to poison ivy.  I’ll refrain from showing pictures of a puffy-face me with poison ivy from head to toe.  I think for about a year, I had poison ivy every day. I would get reinfected every weekend. My friends joked and said I should be the villain, Poison Ivy, for Halloween.  Ha Ha, guys, really funny.

Poison Ivy Vines

Sampling of Poison Ivy Vines on Some of the Trees

First order of business was to get a tractor, riding lawn mower, a chainsaw, and numerous other pruning tools.

Armed with the array of pruning tools, we headed out into our own personal jungle to begin the long arduous job of cleaning out the overgrowth.

Backyard Before

The Overgrown Back Yard on Day One

After we cleaned up the brush, we discovered a mature peach tree in the mix and this past spring had the fortunate opportunity to enjoy the plumpest, juiciest, and most delicious peach I have ever enjoyed in my life.  That was until the squirrels got wind of the ripe peaches and devoured the rest of the tree before we could pick any more.  Next Spring I’ll be ready for the rascals.

Backyard Progress

The Backyard After We Cleaned Out the Overgrowth

We still have a long way to go and we have lots of fun ideas floating around in our heads for how we  want the backyard to look (can anyone say fire pit!), but for now we are just enjoying the fact that we can see the horses all the way in the pasture which of course were no where to be found when I was taking pictures.


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