A Little DIY fun and CHEAP

Concrete block benches have been coming up in my Pinterest feed over the past few months and I thought it would be a good project to try.  I took a mental note of them and stored them away in the mental file cabinet labeled ‘Later’.  As an admitted procrastinator, that particular filing cabinet is full!  Anyway, I came across an unexpected opportunity that pulled that file out of the ‘later’ pile and into the ‘now’ pile.

Concrete Block Collage

All images from Pinterest

I was visiting my brother and he was showing me around his place and in a junk pile awaiting removal just happened to sit two 4X4 timbers and I immediately thought about my Pinterest feed.  I dug the timbers out and loaded them up in the back of the truck and headed home.

Luckily, the timbers were roughly the same length so I didn’t need to do any cutting.

My dad has stuff.  Lots of stuff.  He is not a hoarder, but if you need something more than likely he has it. And he came through for me this time as well.  He had a few concrete blocks laying around and let me steal off with six of them and even helped me carry them to and load them in my truck.

Next came the paint.  I often venture to the oops paint shelf at the hardware stores.  You know the shelf that usually has the crazy paint colors that customers thought they wanted until they actually painted a wall in that color.  I love that shelf! I’m always looking for cool paint colors on the cheap.  I don’t necessarily need the paint right now, but someday maybe.

That someday arrived.  I just happened to have a quart of this gorgeous, deep teal/turquoise paint that I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I have to be honest, since I only had one quart of paint, I was sweating bullets hoping upon all hopes that it would be enough to paint all six of the concrete blocks.  I really didn’t have a contingency plan if it didn’t work out in my favor.

I finished painting the blocks and then assembled the parts under a grove of trees in the back yard.  I also just happened to have an outdoor cushion that went perfectly with the teal paint.

DIY Bench

The finished project

Project Materials:

  • 2 – 4X4 timbers
  • 6 – concrete blocks
  • 1 – quart of paint in color of your choosing
  • 1 – outdoor cushion or not.  Your decision.

Total cost of project: $0.00.  DIY Win!!

I do like the look of the benches with the back as well and I do have another cushion in the same pattern I could use so I would like to either create another bench that includes a back or add a back to the current bench.





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