The How, What, and Why

We had been house hunting for what felt like forever as in the dramatic for-eh-ver from the Sandlot movie.

We were looking for a place in the country with land for our horses, a nice small-town community, and not too far from work.  Like many other couples house hunting, we could not agree on any of the houses we toured.

This one was too small, where are the trees, that one was too big, why are there no trees, not enough land, too expensive, why can’t we find a place with mature trees! Argh!  We were coming to our wits’ end and realizing a common trend was that there just weren’t a lot of places out there with beautiful mature trees in our price range.

That’s when I threw up my hands and hit my knees and began praying with earnest and detail.  Lots of details.

I laid out exactly what I wanted and included a few things that my husband wanted (I’m generous like that) and left the house hunt in God’s hands.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

Lo and behold, we found her, our diamond in the rough. A fixer upper with good bones and great windows.  A nice size house with land and big beautiful mature trees: thirty-seven pecan trees to be exact.  I fell in love with the windows and my husband fell in love with the view from the back.

We weren’t expecting a fixer upper, especially one that needed so much fixing, but decided to pull on our boots and roll up our sleeves and take the plunge. Challenge accepted.

The house when we found it:


She needs a ton of work and there are days when I’m not sure we will survive it, but I still love her and those windows, though!  Gah! I adore them.

Progress reports to follow.


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